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A few years ago, I realized that Associations are still not there in terms of Digital Transformation and hence embarked on a journey to keep it Modern with a Mobile UI and thrive with Open Source and share with communities to create Industry standards.

Planned Development / Home Owners Associations
Many of us live in Home Owners Associations or HOA or Panned Developments. There are 350,000 Associations which are in the United States. Associations collect common area fees you pay for common area maintenance Eg. Community Pool, Landscaping, Fences etc.
What is Association ID?
Association Id as an online repository which stores no Personally Identifiable Information about a Vendor, Manager, Board Member or a Resident
Who Benefits from Association Id?
Realtors, New Residents, Management Companies, Existing Residents, Title companies. Real Estate industry in general since these efficiencies help with faster closings
It covers the most questions which existing and future residents normally ask about Associations, below are a few examples
Common Area fees includes- Weekly landscaping in the front yard, Community Pool between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Common Area fences, Replacements of Private roads
Recent Events
  • Insurance Policy Expires on mm/dd/yyyy

  • Monthly fees for 2019 is $155
  • Last Meeting on 4/8/2018
  • List of Common Area Amenities
  • Annual Budget Approved on 11/16/2017
What are common guidelines / policies?
One of the biggest benefit of moving into a HOA is to make sure that all the homes in your community have a positive curb appeal and not have to worry about managing common tasks like front yard landscaping or snow removal
So Association Id just lists what is allowed and what is not for the Top 15 things in a community which could benefit current owners / tenants and new owners
2 animals(Cats / Dogs), must be on a leash in common area
Refer to Page 11 of Governing documents
Basketball Hoops
Not allowed in driveway
Explained in Governing Documents Page 14
Upto 72 hrs on public streets
Satellite Dishes
Allowed in the side of the home
See Page 12 on Restrictions
Rental Restrictions
See section Rentals in CCR
Short Term Rentals
Not Allowed
Explained in CCR, minimum rental is 1 year
Home Paint Color
Pre-approved colors only Allowed with Architectural Community Approval.
Guidelines are provided in the Architectural Guidelines documents
2 Car Garages and your driveway
Parking on Public streets is monitored by the city
Open 8 AM to 9 PM, Alchohol not allowed, Must seek HOA approval for parties over 10 people
See Pool Rules and Regulations
Backyard patios need City / County Approval
See Page 8 of Architectural Guidelines
Done by HOA vendor, Approved Plants only
See Page 4 of Governing Documents
Allowed for 2 weeks and must be removed after the election
See Page 32 of CCR
Display of US flags is always allowed
CCR contains the guideline of what is not allowed
Repaired and Replaced by HOA
Ongoing maintenance and repair schedule is provided in Annual Budget
Type of Height of Fence
8 Ft Fences with Redwood and clear stain allowed
Refer to page 6 of Restrictions Document
Top Restrictions Enforced Last Year area – Trash Cans, Pool Closing Time, Parking, Pets, Fence Paint
Conveniences Provided by the Association are
  • Email Statements
  • ACH Payments
  • Annual Billing
  • Mobile App
  • Online Website
What Association Id is not?
It is not a review of your management company or the volunteer Board Members serving it. Your management company is only enforcing the governing documents and are hired by your Board of Directors
What does Association ID captures?
  • Meetings- # of Meetings / Year, Annual Meeting on, Meeting Locations
  • List allCommon Area Facilities
  • Who Manages the Association – Board or Management Company
  • Basic Information- Number of Units, Created on, PO Box Address
  • Legal- Insurance expires On, Annual Budget Approved on, Taxes filed on, Reserve Study last updated on, Statement of Information last updated on, # of Units, Built on, Fiscal Year, Legal Name, Annual Financial Review completed on, Reserve Funding Level & Computation Method
  • Top 5 Inspection Issues- Aesthetics (Residue Cleaning), Storage(Trash Can visible from the front of the home), Structural( Paint, Replacement), Landscape Issues
  • Escrow Documents- Reserve Study, Annual Budget, CCR, Governing Documents, Architectural Guidelines, Restrictions and Enforcements
  • Quality of Facilities- Ranked & rated by majority (at-least 51%) of the members living in the community once / year
Summary: Association ID is a summary of Common Area facilities & Events which will benefit new and existing residents
Legal Notices : This presentation is for informational purposes only & I make no warranties express or implied in this summary.Other names and brands may be claimed as others.

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