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Every Now and then we are faced with situations to make purchases and during this process we have accustomed to a researching using online tools Let’s go over the Top 3 purchases most of us often make * Cell Phone – Every 18 – 24 months * Car – Every 3 to 7 years * Home – 5 to 10 Years My favorite website for Cell Phone reviews for many years has been CNET and they provide consistent reviews for all the manufacturers. I even like it because it tells me new features on the iPhone I might not be aware of. No Matter which Car Dealer I take it my car to every dealer notes down the repairs they have done * Oil Change, Tire Change & Repairs As a result when you buy your teenager a car(not a new one I am hoping) you are able to research how well the Car is maintained using Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) So when you pull a CARFAX report it aggregates all the public information into a 1-3 page summary which is easy to read. So, when you are making your life’s biggest purchase which is home where you spend usually 5-10 years How are you researching your home in a Home Owners Association? That is with a Disclosure report which is handed over to you when buying the home. The only problem with this is, is very comprehensive and usually 100 pages long
Summary : Association Id uniquely identifies a Home Owners Association which helps new and existing owners to see how well their Common area Facilities are managed, it does not store any Personally Identifiable Information about a Home or a Home Owner
This presentation is for informational purposes only. I MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. CarFax, CNet and Edmunds logo’s belong to the respective companies.

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