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Imagine you walking in a community and interested in knowing more about the community, much of this information is not available due to outdated technology deployed by the Board or Management Company. Let’s just say that the sprinkler was gushing or there is dog poop on the side walk.

If you are a resident or a guest or a tenant this information is very helpful. In my own community there are about 143 homes and 32 homes rented out and the owners pay the dues and the tenants don’t even know how to report an issue

The idea around Association Id is to store information which would be beneficial to most members

  • Annual Dues
  • # of Legal Disputes
  • HOA Contact Information
  • Number of Deliquent Information
  • Insurance Document
  • Last election Held on
  • % Reserves Funded
  • Taxes Filed on mm/dd/yyyy
  • Rental restriction exists?
  • Maintenance responsibilites of HOA
  • Amenities – Pool, Landscaping, Fences etc.

You get the idea here, it’s all about storing information which is NOT Personally Identifiable Information. Plus this is basic information which all residents, guests, Realtors can benefit from.

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