ECHO+ Digital Platform

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ECHO is focused on Board Education for many decades now and they are true to ensuring newly elected HOA Board members or existing board members are aware of the latest law changes and help with Association governance

Alchemy is focused on building  tools for board members in Home Owners Associations to reduce costs, modernize and secure Personally Identifiable Information and automate day to day tasks Eg. Auto Closing of Books

Our goal is to modernize all HOA Processes - Payments, Invoice Approval, Book Keeping, Digital Signatures, Paper Statements / Notices & Communication(Email, Phone, Messages & PUSH).

Today we are making the relationship formal and with today's announcement

  • Alchemy will make all the tools developed so far for HTML5 as Open Source
  • ECHO will adopt these tools internally so they have a platform to transform their business and all the 1200+ HOA's they serve along with the 300+ Management companies

API's help multiple software to communicate with each other seamlessly

ECHO will automate current processes & use Alchemy's API's to

  • Migrate out of legacy database to a modern In-Memory Key Value cloud database to manage and store - Board Members, Vendors & Management Companies.
  • Upgrade Payment processing by offering online payments via ACH, Credit Card processing for HOA's, Management Companies and Trade Partners using Forte & Plaid
  • Reach out to existing members and new members via Mobile App & Messaging
  • Reduce costs significantly to automate current Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger processes
  • Offer ECHO Magazine via Alchemy Mobile App to increase membership engagement
  • Migrate out of Drupal into Word Press

This will lay the foundation for ECHO+ a digital platform for HOA's / Association Managers & Vendor to collaborate