Automating HOA Processes

Krishna YalamanchiHOA

The more the automation in your HOA, the efficient it is and so are your costs. Of course you still need efficient managers and vendors to upkeep you communit

1. What problems will automation solve in your HOA?

Manual work is error prone, time consuming and can lead to increased costs or hiddent costs

Many tasks, weekly, monthly or annual tasks can be automated and here are a few examples –

  1. Process Resident payments received via ACH or Bill Pay
  2. Recurring Payments to vendors with Annual contracts
  3. Mailing Statements / Inspection Notices via USPS, SMS, PUSH or email
  4. Addition of Penalties,
  5. Bank Statements downloaded & send to Board / Residents
  6. Invoices Uploaded by vendors or managers and read data using AI to reduce errors and repetitive work for Managers / Boards
  7. Synch Income, Expenses, Invoices, & Payments, Deposits & Intra company transfer to Quickbooks for Statutory reporting

    The list goes on and on but you get the idea

2. How our tools reduce costs and improve efficiency?

Our App is cloud native which means you only pay for the # of seconds the jobs runs and not any fixed monthly or annual fees.

Since all our code is built on serverless architecture it can scale for 1 HOA or for 1300 HOA’s with no extra effort at all

Lastly we use API’s which are industry standard Eg. Quickbooks for Statutory Reporting, Twilio for Messaging, Phone and Email or Adobe Sign for Digital Signatures, Modern banking with Alliance Association Banking

Managers / Board members can use all this on the Mobile App web based tool vs. goto to multiple websites using our API based framework

3. What to ask your current management company or Manager?

Is statutory Reporting(Monthly Financials), Bank statement Download, Monthly Assessments, Late Fees, Inspection Notices. Email Reminders for meetings to all residents, ACH payments, Lockbox Accounts Receivable automation. More automation leads to lesser costs and more efficiency and less error prone.

Do you want to transform your HOA if so let’s talk