Our Integrations

Krishna YalamanchiHOA

Over the last few quarters we have integrated our platform to add / update features.

Payment Integrations

1. Forte.net allows us to keep recurring payments via ACH / Credit cards low and as a result we are able to automate all recurring payments

2. Checkissuing.com sends our outgoing checks and ACH payments to vendors one time or recurring

3. Our online one time payment is integrated via Alliance Association Bank

4. Quickbooks does our Statutory reporting which we use to send to Board members and residents

5. Alliance Association Bank manages our banking and their API sends Lockbox, Deposits, Debits and Credits and Statements electronically and online approvals for transfer of funds


Communication Integrations

1. Twilio - Our most favorite API of all, we use it for SMS Messaging, Two Factor Authentication, Phone Calls and In-App Messaging

2. Mandrill App - To send broadcast or personal messages which allows us to send 1 email or 3000 emails with ease. Open / Read / Undelivered logs help reduce support costs>

3. Adobe Sign - To Sign contracts, Invoices and rules and regulations etc with vendors, residents and boards

4. Southdata - To send monthly bills, election ballots and Annual Disclosures to one or any number of residents and vendors

5. Trello - To track project management items or tasks with vendors for short and medium term projects 6. URL Shortner - When residents upload videos or large pictures they are captured and shortened and stored on AWS S3 buckets which allow analytics for open and read actions

Automation Integrations

Most of our Automation API's are in the back end and not visible what they do. But rest assured they simplify your HOA tasks.

1. Rossum : Allows us to read Invoice texts and reduces errors and simplify board / manager tasks by extracting upto 20 fields per invoice automatically.

2. Weathermatic - Allows turning on and turning off sprinklers via the mobile App. It also allows data to be uploaded and downloaded nightly for water consumption. Plays a key role to save water.

3. Storage - AWS S3 bucket to store HOA data securely.

4. Textract - To read text, PDF data automatically and extract data Eg. Read Bank balances Image