About Us


Connect Home Owners, Board Members & vendors to enable great relationships by deploying Mobile Apps for all communities we manage

Our Solution

Online Repository to store Association Data

  • Boards / Managers

    Can Upload, Approve, Digital Sign Association docs (Invoices, Contracts, Checks) using our Mobile App. Call / Text Owners or Board Vendors

  • Home Owners

    Make Payments, Review Minutes, Report Issues & Repair status Updates. Get Notified about upcoming meetings

  • Vendors

    Upload Contracts, Submit Invoices, Check status updates on Payments, Notify Board / Residents about upcoming repairs

Create transparency to allow boards to manage their associations effectively and give a 360 degree view how they are managed

Reduce transfer Fees

  • Title Companies / Realtors

    Only order the exact docs you need and get a timely response

  • New Owners

    Easily understand the Top 3 Issues in the community much before you make an offer to live in the community

  • Boards

    Ensure that your new residents are signing your docs digitally and are able to save on closing costs