Vision & Mission


We are making Home Owners Associations - simpler, faster & most importantly more transparent for Boards, Residents & Vendors.

We don't work on commission. None of the Vendors or technology providers we use pay us back for your business.

Our services will ensure the board is in the driver's seat and is consumed on a usage based model

      Modern Code Development

We use Serverless Framework a popular open source technology and deploy using AWS Lambda so everybody using the platform pay per second.

Of course our code is built using API from our partners or for ourselves.

Personally identifiable Information like Email, Phone numbers are encrypted. Using AWS Key Management  which uses hardware secure modules with built in logs, when a new Board Member or a Management company engages with the HOA all the keys can be changed easily within 5 minutes or less.

Why Bother

Large HOA Vendor softwares communicate with each other via email and PDF Eg. Landscaper, Management Company, Inspector of Elections, Reserves, Accountants, Pool Vendors there by significantly increasing the cost of doing business.

Our goal is to make Managers, Vendors more efficient with providing timely updates using Unified messaging

Vendors will be able to - Send updates to residents, create invoices, submit quotes for approval to boards, get paid electronically

Managers are able to process payments, secure board approval, make meetings more efficient