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ECHO chooses Alchemy Digital Platform to transform their business and offer the Magazine using a Mobile App

Our Integrations

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There are 17 integrations which make up our Digital Platform open, cost effective and easy to use. Here we explain what runs in the background

How we improve efficiency with Unified Messaging?

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HOA Alchemy API development

Every Month Managers or Board Members have to send messages to HOA residents based on their communication preferences be in Meeting Notifications or Meeting Minutes or the Monthly Assessments. 1. What medium is preferred for different comms? Meeting Minutes, Meeting Agenda, HOA Assessments and Annual Disclosures are the 4 types of messages that need to be sent via USPS. Yes, … Read More

How to improve Accounts Receivable in your HOA

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HOA’s have the monthly burden to Process Accounts Receivables to membership and post to membership about the receipt of payments and balance the bank accounts. This is usually done by your Board or your management company and it is oblivious to many of you.In this age of digital here are a few things to consider 1. How is your Management … Read More


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Imagine you walking in a community and interested in knowing more about the community, much of this information is not available due to outdated technology deployed by the Board or Management Company. Let’s just say that the sprinkler was gushing or there is dog poop on the side walk. If you are a resident or a guest or a tenant … Read More


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Let’s review three useful cases where an association ID can help reduce costs, increase agility and improve compliance in a community… Improved efficiencies during an escrow close in a Homeowners Association (HOA) Delays, manual processes, proprietary management contracts are few reasons why escrow costs for HOA documents cost buyers $500-3000 despite great legislatures from CA State Legislature. All the documents … Read More


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Every Now and then we are faced with situations to make purchases and during this process we have accustomed to a researching using online tools Let’s go over the Top 3 purchases most of us often make * Cell Phone – Every 18 – 24 months * Car – Every 3 to 7 years * Home – 5 to 10 … Read More

The Journey Begins, towards modernizing HOA

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A few years ago, I realized that Associations are still not there in terms of Digital Transformation and hence embarked on a journey to keep it Modern with a Mobile UI and thrive with Open Source and share with communities to create Industry standards. Planned Development / Home Owners Associations   Many of us live in Home Owners Associations or … Read More