Creating Alchemy

Our mission is to re-imagine the approach to managing Home Owners Associations to make them affordable & use AI to automate day to day processes.

Managing HOAs hasn't changed since 90s & 20s.


Modernization of HOA’s has not happened, this has contributed to the growing crisis, Traditional HOA Management are inefficient and wasteful. These problems contribute to higher costs. Higher costs means more dues.

Three Critical Problems

  • 1. Affordability

The Average resident gets less and less services for the same costs

2. Secrecy

Traditional Management is inefficient and wasteful

3. Transfer Fees

Collects toll booth fees during home sale process

We automated HOA Processes using AI


In 2019 we automated the entire Accounts Receivable process in the HOA

and subsequently in 2020 we automated the entire Accounts Payable process in the HOA and deployed it to 500 customers. The automation is a proof of concept which brought our team, investors and customers together.