How much does USPS cost?

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Our Provider charges $0.95 for a HOA Billing Statement or Election Package $2.45 with 2 ballot envelopes(inner and outer) plus 12 pages Annual Elections(150 Members) = 150 * 2.45 = $367.5, HOA Statement(9 out of 150) = 0.95 * 12 * 9 = $102.6

What are the annual usage charges for email?

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A typical HOA with about 150 members sends about 3500 emails per year and it would cost you $4.3 / year for email. If you want to send emails using your own domain add another $15/year for domain registration charges

What HOA Communications are available?

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Email, Text Messages, PUSH Notifications on Mobile App, USPS & Broadcast messages are available. Every Member can choose how they want to be communicated and multiple options are available. Eg. Email, Broadcast message and PUSH

How much does each agreement cost?

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Our Provider Adobe Sign for the enterprise license charges $1/ per transaction. Eg. In one transaction there can be 5 agreements and each sent to 5 board members, it is counted as 1 transaction and you pay $1 Mega Sign a feature can be used to send the same agreement to multiple members. Let’s say HOA Attorney sends new Pool … Read More

How can we sign documents electronically?

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Digital Signatures or Agreements are sent to board members via Adobe Sign to the member via email. Meeting Minutes, Contracts, Escrow Documents are most popular among HOA’s. Board members can sign the documents via email or from the portal. If there are 5 board members. Agreements can be setup as 1 out of 5(anyone) or 3 out of 5(majority) or … Read More

How much does ACH recurring Payments Cost?

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Forte Payment Systems provides ACH Processing & Credit Card Processing Forte charges $5.00 monthly fees & 24 cents per ACH Payments. If 100 members in your HOA pay recurring payment using it costs $29 / month ( $5 + $0.24 * 50). Annual about $288 Bill Pay is processed via Alliance Association Bank and their annual lockbox fees are $0. … Read More

How are HOA Payments Handled?

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Member Payments received via ACH or Credit Card Payments are processed by Forte Payment Systems via ACH & Credit Card Processing. Vendor Payments are paid via ACH or Checks are processed by CheckIssuing